Specsavers have left Twitter users laughing out loud with their reply to a CNN reporter who is covering COP26 from Edinburgh – instead of Glasgow where the conference is being held

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, has kicked off in Glasgow and reporters from all over have flocked to the city to cover it.

However, not all reporters are in the city, some are working from other areas nearby, including CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who posted on Twitter to show he was in Edinburgh.

He wrote: “I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit. COP, by the way, stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’. It’s the 26th time they have gathered to discuss and take action on this critical issue.”

Many people were amused by the tweet and couldn’t resist pointing out that the news organisation was in the wrong city.

One person replied: “American TV channels going ‘look if we’re going to report from Scotland our viewers are gonna wanna see a big castle’.”

Another said: “Forgive me if I get my information from a news organization that managed to go to the right city.”

A third asked: “You know they are in Glasgow, right?”

But the best response came from Specsavers who posted: “Should’ve gone to Glasgow.”

Their reply went viral, with thousands liking the tweet and many people proclaiming that they “won Twitter” and it was the “tweet of the day”.

“You win Twitter,” joked one user.

A second agreed, saying: “Definitely the winner. Well done @Specsavers.”

A third admitted: “Actually laughed out loud in the middle of Morrison’s cafe….. Quality.”

While a fourth person added: “Specsavers, your social media work is done. Take the rest of the week off.”

However, others were more sympathetic towards Wolf, with someone else sharing how his tweet just needed wording a little better.

They posted: “He’s not saying COP26 is being held in Edinburgh… He is saying he is reporting from Edinburgh which is in Scotland where COP26 is being held…. and he is correct… COP26 IS being held in Scotland… could have been worded a bit better tho…”