Watching Otto the Dalmatian’s antics had been putting smiles on faces as the 19-month-old dog has the time of his life in a pile of leaves

An adorable Dalmatian is a big fan of autumn and just can’t get enough of piles of leaves.

Emma Robertson, who lives in North Pembrokeshire, caught the pup having the time of his life on video, and it’s absolutely delightful.

Emma and her son Callum were clearing up the overbearing amount of leaves in the back garden, but every time they raked them into a tidy pile, Otto the Dalmatian couldn’t wait to spring into action.

Callum began to throw the leaves up in the as Otto raced towards them and tried to catch them in his mouth, as seen in the footage.

The added effect of slow motion captures the pure excitement and joy from Otto’s new game, as he leaps across the pile.

Emma, 37, told TeamDogs : “We were clearing the leaves into a garden bin so they are not there now but if more fall we will have to do it all over again.”

She said the 19-month-old spotty dog is so full of character, and has been a great comedy factor in their lives since he was a little pup.

She describes him as a massive goofball, who’s both hilarious and clumsy daily, with the leaves are just one example of the fun that they have.

Emma, a police officer, said: “He’s a complete doofus. One time we caught him on the neighbours’ garage roof and we had to perform a rescue operation.”

The Dalmatian is well known in the neighbourhood for his charming character and will always put a smile on people’s faces.

The family live in a rural area but this doesn’t stop Otto from drawing attention.

Dalmatian Marshall throws a tantrum at bedtime

Emma said: “He is well known to the neighbours and to the many cyclists that go past our house. We hear them say, ‘We are passing the Dalmatian now’ and have become a bit of a landmark.”

Otto isn’t the only Dalmatian whose antics have hit the headlines.

A sassy Dalmatian called Marshall left viewers chuckling when he refused to go to bed.

When he is told it’s time to go to bed, he makes it perfectly clear that he’s comfortable where he is and he wants to stay up with his owners, Pete and Ruth Hodges.

But his yawn gives the game away that he’s tired.

In what has become a nightly ritual, when he’s told it’s bedtime, he has a good grumble about it – to no avail.

Ruth tells Marshall “It’s bedtime” and he begins whining and moaning.

Mid-conversation, Marshall yawns and eventually he gives in and gets up.