Woman takes cute snap of hubby cuddling dog – but misses rude optical illusion

A woman was forced to defend her husband’s manhood after an innocent snap with his dog created an optical illusion that made him appear naked.

Ben Glews posed for a sweet photo with his five-year-old bulldog Boss in bed just after he woke up, with his wife Linda Glews sharing it on Facebook with the caption: “Morning snuggles with his daddy.”

But the 42-year-old was mortified when he spotted the cute picture going viral after it was mistaken for being an explicit snap – as the dog’s stretched out body appeared to be his due to the unlucky positioning.

Stunned users flooded the comments section saying they thought he was posing nude.

The hilarious optical illusion was caused when four stone Boss threw his head back and snuggled into electronics technician Ben’s neck, meaning his head can’t be easily seen.

This coupled with his tan body and legs facing the camera, which appeared to seamlessly blend into Ben’s body, and Ben’s arms thrown round him caused the confusion.

Within hours of the picture being shared online, it racked up more than 600 likes and comments – forcing Linda to defend his manhood.

Ben, from Kingswinford, West Midlands, said: “I thought people were mad, I remember thinking ‘surely they can see it’s a dog?’.

“It was just an off-the-cuff photo on Saturday morning, I’d just woken up with the dog lying on me like that.

“The wife said ‘aww let’s take a photo, that’s lovely ‘, she put it on Facebook and it went semi-viral. I was shocked.

“You look at it one time and you don’t see anything and then you look at it again [and you do].

“I was just flicking through my Facebook and the post came up as I was scrolling and I did a double-take myself – then realised it was my picture.

“At that point, I understood what people were talking about.”

Despite the snap being mistaken for a saucier, if ungenerous, shot, Ben said he’s glad to have given people a laugh.

Ben quipped: “Some have commented saying they felt sorry for Linda because of my ‘micropenis’.

“It’s definitely not me and I don’t have a micropenis.

“It’s not like we were trying to do it but if we can give somebody a laugh, why not?

“After the last year or so any bit of lightheartedness is good for anybody, it’s nice to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Linda said it took her a while to realise the unintentional furore she’d created after uploading the photo of Boss enjoying a regular cuddle with Ben.

Linda said: “Boss regularly climbs into bed for a hug, he likes to get right in between us and he likes to put his head on you or his paw.

“He will spread eagle between us and push us both to the edge of the bed, he’s very spoiled.

“I took the picture on Saturday morning and I said to my husband ‘do you mind me putting it on Facebook?’ and he said ‘not at all’.

“When I initially put it on there one of my friends commented ‘I had to look twice then’, which left me and my husband both questioning what they were talking about, we didn’t understand.

“We had no idea what the issue was, but then the comments started flying in.

“I still see the picture as Ben cuddling Boss, but I now understand what people see – that it looks like Ben is naked in bed.

“I’ve replied in the comments reassuring people that my husband doesn’t like posting his bits on Facebook, and that he hasn’t been castrated either.

“I also said that unfortunately, Boss doesn’t like wearing pants.

“I’m still shocked that so many people commented and gobsmacked by what people have said because it was such an innocent photo but I obviously caught it at a fantastic angle.

“It’s funny but it’s quite embarrassing for my husband [with people] thinking he’s got a micropenis.

“He doesn’t have a micropenis, there are no complaints in that department.”

One person commented: “That’s hilarious, I thought daddy had a micropenis.”

Another wrote: “I had a double look then, first thought was ‘oh it’s tiny … poor woman’.”

One commented: “Same omg I thought it was a man with a chopped down willy, eek.”

Another wrote: “Omg I thought it was a porno!”

One person commented: “Didn’t even notice the dog I thought that was his willy until I looked again.”