Dexter had to endure major surgery and rehabilitation to learn how to walk again after losing a limb – but just look at him now

A dog has learned how to walk upright like a human after losing one of his legs in a car accident.

Dexter, a three-legged dogs, shocked his owners when he began walking around the house on just his hind legs.

The six-year-old dog was sadly involved in an accident with a car and needed five surgeries in his first year followed by rehabilitation training to learn how to walk again after losing a limb.

He has become somewhat of a social media star with 634.6K followers on TikTok watching his day-to-day musings via his account, @dexterdogouray.

In one of his most recent videos titled: ‘A dog that can walk on two legs? Yes, this really happened!’, Dexter can be seen walking downstairs in a ‘normal’ dog fashion before pausing at the bottom of the stairwell.

He quickly shakes his head and launches himself onto his hind legs before incredibly walking like a human into another room.

Dexter’s owner, Kentee Pasek from Ouray, Colorado, USA, spoke to Team Dogs about the ordeal, she said: “It was tragic. We did not know if he would make the 45-minute car ride to our vet in the next town, then we did not know if he would make it through the night.

“Once he did and had the surgery, it was a very slow recovery. Five surgeries in a year. Two sets of pins in the arm.

“It was a long road and each day I kept thinking ‘what did we get into?’ but in the end he was always so happy and positive and just loving the fact he lived.

“It has been a journey for sure and now he thinks he is just another normal family dog.”

When Dexter is spotted walking along the streets of Ouray on his hind legs, he still attracts a lot of attention.

Kentee continued: “Dexter is a super fun, family-oriented dog. He is very goofy, funny, happy and positive. He loves people and will say hi to just about anyone.

“He has always had a positive attitude and a will to live even throughout the accident and rehab. People are not sure what to make of him the first time they see him. It shocks them.

“Once they take in what they have seen and actually watched a dog walk upright they are so super happy. Dexter loves people and they always get taken in with his smile and love.”

The clip, set to the tune of WFM by Realestk, one of TikTok’s most popular backing tracks, has grasped the attention of users and the comment section was flooded with people shocked at Dexter’s unique ability, even going as far as imagining him in different scenarios.

One commented: “I’m off to work”, another added: “Please, he walks around like he pays the bills” whilst a third said: “Imagine the dog say ‘I’ll get the door guys’”.

There were also a few expressing their initial thoughts on seeing Dexter’s human-like strut, commenting: “Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and Dexter is standing in your doorway like this” to which Kentee responded comically with: “He usually stands next to my side of the bed”.