A six-month-old dog and cat have formed an inseparable bond – and love nothing more than cuddling up to each other.

Owner Suzanne Moore, from Aberaeron, Wales, says her dog and cat have become the best of friends and have created their very own afternoon ritual.

Marley the springer spaniel and Horner the ginger cat will sneak off in an afternoon for a quick snooze – and will often be found cuddled up to each other.

Suzanne, who is a full-time carer for her daughter, had Marley from 10-weeks-old, and when she saw a farm cat was available, she just had to have him too.

But she didn’t expect them to bond as much as they have.

She has two other cats in the house but they don’t seem to get on with Marley so well, if at all.

The 40-year-old told TeamDogs : “Marley tries with my other two cats but they slap him on the nose so he stays away from them.

“But Horner and Marley get on so well, they both have their moment where Marley has the whole of Horner’s head in his mouth – but he would never hurt him.”

The pair may have surprising ways to be close to each other but it’s their hugs together that they truly make time for.

Marley will wrap his body around Horner to fit his smaller body, sometimes tails and legs entwined, and find a way to rest his head on the cat.

If they’re not having a nap together, they’re following each other around, sharing food and playing.

Suzanne said: “They melt our hearts with the friendship they have. The kids will say ‘look at these two mum, how cute.’ We all love them.”

None of them are surprised at their antics anymore, they simply smile at the friendship they have.